Art Therapy

Clients come to treatment with so many barriers to change.

It can feel like a struggle to keep clients motivated and on the right path. 

Have you noticed that your clients have great insight and learn skills but don't use them?

We can help your clients see what is holding them back in recovery and their path forward.

Your clinicians will have a concrete image of a client's inner world to focus on to build lasting change.

Art Therapy is a creative process that uses art making to build positive changes in mental and emotional health. 


Art Therapy allows participants to achieve insight and change through the creative process. 


By drawing, painting and sculpting, the participant can resolve conflicts, work through past traumas, increase self esteem and self awareness. 


Art captures a person’s feelings, thoughts and issues at that moment. 


Through the course of therapy, the participant is able to see progress by reviewing the art made. 


Art Therapy allows a participant’s creativity to help them change into the person they aspire to be. 

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