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About Christine

When everything feels stuck, we can move forward - together.

Christine Walter, Registered Marriage & Family Therapy Intern, Executive Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation Professional Coaching Certification, trained in Somatic Coaching incorporating equines


I believe that human connection has transformative power in every area of our lives. Growing up in Southern California, I was raised to believe that family, heritage, religion and culture are all important to identity and growth.  I love to joke that my family is comprised of the “salt of the earth,” with a little bit of pepper.  My family’s professions ranged from probation officer to teacher, wild mustang trainer, clergyman, pharmacist and even a literary agent to the 1937 classic book “Think and Grow Rich.”  The variety of experiences and beliefs my family brought to the table helped shape my understanding of culture and family.

Being a therapist was not my life-long passion.  Rather, I was an athlete, earning a full scholarship for tennis. I went on to be an All-American and played on the pro satellite tour for a bit, all the while changing my major 6 times and taking 8 years to graduate. My family was extremely supportive of me following my heart and passions in life. I understand how special and rare this is.

I attended the University of Miami’s Certified Professional Coaching program and achieving ICF PCC designation. I started my life coaching practice in east Fort Lauderdale in 2014. Most of my clients were professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and performers. I helped them overcome anxiety and achieve success in their careers. Seeing them grow and change was wonderful, but something was still missing.

That’s when it hit me – I wanted to become a therapist.  I noticed how my clients struggled in their relationships, so I enrolled in Nova Southeastern University’s Marriage and Family Therapy program. I graduated with an Equine Assisted Therapy and Solution Focused Coaching specialty. 


My focus is on helping those individuals who are truly struggling to change and grow.  Together we combine the best of therapy to focus on the past and trauma, with coaching techniques to focus on the now and moving towards our future.  I enjoy working with the LGBTQIAS2 population as well as families, couples and individuals that struggle with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. I am passionate and honored to be in this field and help others receive the support, tools, and knowledge to overcome their struggles.

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