Group Therapy

Have you ever wondered if you are the only person dealing with your situation? If your thoughts and feelings are normal?

Imagine a place that you can be heard and understood. Where other people have experienced similar situations.  Where advise and blank stares do not exist.

You are not alone - your pain is not unique.

Groups allow us to share in the commonality of our human experience.  Horses, art and games engage us to grow through our past and into our future. 

Social Skills Group

Have your child or teen struggled with social skills?  Are they upset that they just don't "fit in"? 


What if you could be with like-minded adults, learning honing your parenting skills, learning from each other and growing closer as a family?

Your family does not need to struggle so much.  There's a better way.

Structured social skills groups, in conjunction with a parenting support group, help children and teens grow into their best self.  Families will leave feeling empowered to turn off devices, enjoy family time more and trust in their skills to navigate rough times together.