Skills for Life

HARMONY Camp (Horses, Arts, Rhythm, Mindfulness, Openness, Nature and Yoga)


Your child or teen has been struggling.  Life was difficult before COVID-19, but the social isolation, stress and unhealthy coping skills have taken their toll.  They seem to be focusing inward, on technology, food or TV instead of relationships.  They talk about being the only one who is experiencing anxiety, depression, boredom and fear.  They worry that they will have no friends when they are allowed to go back to school.  They feel that they have lost out on life.

Imagine a place where those feelings can be heard and understood. Where other children and teens have experienced similar situations.  Where they will be met with "me too!" instead of advise, bullying or blank stares.

They are not alone - their pain is not unique. But it still can be isolating and demoralizing. Scared children have a hard time learning and growing. They may shut down or act out.  They may channel their worries into perfectionism, depression, anxiety or cutting.  Let's stop the cycle and give them an outlet that is safe and fun.

Groups allow us to share in the commonality of our human experience.  Horses, art, mindfulness, nature and movement engage us to grow through our past and into our future.

HARMONY Camp is a week-long therapy-based camp for children 6 years old through high school.  Each week, campers will be taught a variety of skills through play and activities.  Campers are invited to specific camps based on their age, experiences, current struggles and goals. Trained therapists and facilitators provide therapeutic activities that builds on a unifying goal of growth. Campers will be grouped with others their age.


Our goal is for the children and teens in our community to grow into their best self.  Campers will leave feeling empowered to turn off devices, enjoy family time more and trust in their skills to navigate rough times together.

Pre-Registration is open from now until May 15th. The pre-registration process is commitment-free, no payment required! A 25% promo code will be provided to all campers who complete pre-registration.  Secure your spot today!