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Before COVID-19, life was already pretty stressful. Between work and family, there never seemed to be enough time for self care.  Now life is even more complicated and overwhelming.  It's a struggle to ensure that the bare minimum is being covered, let alone making sure you're getting enough sleep, healthy food and time to unwind. 


Berger Counseling Services has opened up 100 spots for support sessions during these challenging times. Our outdoor setting offers plenty of space for physical distancing while receiving support from our natural setting, mental health counselors and our horses.

Help For Helpers Support Services can include time with the horses, creating art or simply spending time in nature.

Help For Helpers Support Services do not involve an intake assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan or billing insurance. Services are not a replacement for on-going mental health therapy. We hope that spending time getting back in tune with yourself will acts as a reset button. Our goal is to help you get back the joy and purpose you feel by helping others and spending quality time with your family.  Help For Helpers Support Services offer Teachers, First Responders, Medical and Mental Health Professionals a way to receive rest and relief right now.

Help For Helpers Support Services are being offered for $100 a session or 6 session package at $85 a session.  Each session focuses on creating an opportunity for connection and healing by engaging with our horses, art or outdoor areas. We have 100 Help For Helpers Support Services for those COVID-19 affected in our community.  To read more about our Support Services, check out our blog post: When You Literally Can't Even.


Berger Counseling Services has been serving the Parkland community since 2009. To learn more and schedule your reduced rate session, contact us at 561-866-3056 or click here.

Who Benefits From Support Services...

Mature Businessman



First Responders

Surgeon in Uniform

Health Care Professionals


Mental Health Professionals

Help For The Helpers

Welcome to Berger Counseling Services! We appreciate you taking the time to learn about us and the support we offer.  Our team is here to help serve you.  If you have noticed that your superhero cape feels heavier than usual, it might be time to hang it up briefly.  Our Help For Helpers Support Services are designed to help you feel rested and recharged. So you can don your cape and help again.  We are opening up our reduced rate relief sessions to Teachers, First Responders, Health Care and Mental Health Professionals.  Feel super again - reach out today to get started.  

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