The power of change

Identify Areas of Growth
Sometimes we know things have to change - but what and how?  Together, we will explore your areas of growth.
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Try It Out
Change doesn't have to be scary.  By trying out new techniques, skills and responses in a safe, non-threatening environment you can practice towards mastery.
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Grow Into Your New You
Learn to create change in your world through self-care, enhanced communication skills and limits.  Now that you have the skills, you can grow into your best self.
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Individual Therapy

Are you racing around trying to put out fires and meet everyone's needs each day?  Do you struggle with finding time and fulfillment for yourself?  Does life feel like an endless hamster wheel of groceries, chores and cajoling?  Is there an ideal self that you've been striving for, but just haven't been able to reach?


Imagine if life felt manageable. You would have partners instead of adversaries.   A better relationship with your family, your co-workers and your self.


Life can be hard.  Our goal is to help you find your path to find your best self.  We can help you have more successful, fulfilling relationships.

Everyone has been through tough times and we can't always talk openly with friends, family or even ourselves.  Therapy can help by providing a safe space to share and grow.  

We know that talking can get in our way, so we incorporate art, sandtray and play into our services.  Why? Simply because we can "see" our old patterns, communication styles and ways of handling situations.  Then we get to try out new ones in a safe setting.  

Let's meet for a complimentary 15 minute consultation. Together, we can decide if we are the right fit to help support you in the rough times ahead.   Give us a call 561-866-3056