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Elizabeth "Liz" Diaz, BA, Student Intern


The road to where I am today was not a straight one and therefore my story does not really have a set beginning. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to help people but due to my mother being a nurse I figured it was going to be in the medical field. A quick experience in high school of two of my teammates colliding heads let me know that I couldn’t handle blood and I needed to find another path to take. It was then that the field of psychology found me and I realized that was where my passion laid. What I did not know at the time was I had multiple experiences and people in my life affected by mental illness that would make this passion and career in life have such a personal meaning.


The first death I experienced was my grandmother from obesity complications. I was four years old. Not more than four years later, my other grandma died from liver failure. Throughout the past couple of years I’ve watched as alcohol addiction affected my family in more ways than I could count. These events in my life showed me how important the topic of mental health is and how an addiction can really take over an entire family and not just a single person.


It was these experiences that led me to study psychology with a minor in criminal justice at Lynn University in 2015. I graduated in three years and stayed to complete my masters. I am currently halfway through the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at Lynn University. I am completing my internship in hopes of helping clients with their grief, loss, and trauma. In my time in college, my life and the people in it have been affected multiple times by the issues of sexual violence and rape. When I graduate, I would like directly to work with trauma, specifically sexual abuse and violence survivors. Eventually I would like to get a specialization in Forensic Psychology to possibly work in the legal system with trials and jury decisions.

Liz is completing a dual internship at Berger Counseling Services and Tomorrow’s Rainbow. She helps to support grief, loss and trauma, including helping children, teens and adults dealing with the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting .