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Marketing Coach & E-Course

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Building and growing a private practice is HARD, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ve worked your butt off to get to where you are today.

You went into private practice to work with the clients you love and make a greater difference in the world. You know you need the business, entrepreneurial and marketing skills to have a successful private practice.

Stop putting your private practice dreams on hold and fast track your private practice success.

The Private Practice Marketing E-Course + Coaching programs help therapists where they need it the most… marketing! They help take the mystery out of marketing and teach you the step-by-step proven marketing system to help you produce clear consistent results whether you are just starting out, growing your practice or leveling up into a new area.

I first started my coaching journey with The Private Practice Startup in October of 2018.  By December, I had more phone calls coming in than I knew what to do with!  Coaching from The Private Practice Startup is jammed packed with ideas, innovation and support in a laser focused - maximum effort in minimal time.

Ready to dive in?


Here is what you do:


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PS - Got questions? They have answers, just shoot them an email -

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