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Wendy Price, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, EMDR Trained, Certified Addictions Professional, Eagala Certified, Natural Lifemanship Certification Student


People often ask me how I found myself interested in healing through sound, horses and movement.  Well, several years ago I had the opportunity to learn the art of sound healing from a woman named Pim, the owner of Buddha Happy in Wilton Manors.  Pim is from Thailand and she has practiced this type of healing for many years. She shared a story with me about a friend of hers who had been very ill and found himself in hospital. After not getting any better he reached out to her asking if she would come for a visit and bring her singing bowls. She obliged and came nearly every day cleansing him with a sound bath. He eventually recovered. Now whether this was due to the singing bowls or the human connection Pim provided we will never know, yet this sweet story inspired me to learn more.


I have shared the gift of sound and vibration with many of my clients leading them through guided meditation, sound bathing, and rhythmic movement. The most amazing encounter experienced by a client was a woman in a facility that served individuals experiencing homelessness. She suffered from a terrible side-effect from medication called Tardive Dyskinesia which is a disorder that causes involuntary movements throughout the body, similar to a tic. She could not stop moving from head to toe. On this day I was facilitating a group on mindfulness and was sharing the singing bowls at the facility when she approached me. I explained and asked if she would like to see what would happen. She stood in front of me, her body writhing, her face was contorting uncontrollably, her tongue darted in and out of her mouth. I began to tap the mallet on one of the bowls as I slowly moved it from her toes to her head and down the back side of her body. With one pass she stopped moving, grounded. I witnessed a smile for the first time and tears began to fall from her eyes as she stood in her stillness.

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Wendy Price is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern serving children, adolescents, adults and families. Meeting each client where they are in their process, Wendy believes each individual is the genius of their life and takes pride in empowering her clients through experiential therapeutic modalities.

Serving clients in the substance abuse/co-occurring field for nearly a decade, Wendy was introduced to the field of equine assisted psychotherapy and learning. Realizing the power of the herd and how the horses affected those she served, Wendy became a certified equine assisted facilitator and equine specialist.

Wendy is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, Florida Board Certified Addiction Professional (CAP) and is internationally certified with the IC & RC, certified with the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), a Natural Lifemanship Certificate Student. Wendy co-created a five week equine assisted substance abuse program and facilitators guide, and co-facilitates several equine assisted substance abuse groups in Delray, FL.

Wendy has been working at Berger Counseling Services since 2019. Her focus has been supporting the community in the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting and working with individuals to find their purpose, passion and healthy future self.

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I specialize in trauma-focused work with teens, adults, active military as well as veterans.  Trauma work can be overwhelmingly difficult - so I incorporate horses, mindfulness, sound, EMDR and other methods to talk without ever having to speak.  

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