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Jaci Wright

About Jaci

Life can be challenging - this is the place to figure it all out.

Jaci Wright, LMHC  (she/her)


My mission is to give adolescents a safe space and the tools to really figure themselves out. When teens feel misunderstood, confused, anxious, or depressed and feel no one understands them, my role is to listen and to guide them to discover that they are truly capable of presenting their authentic selves to the world and finding their own version of happiness. 

My approach to counseling is down to earth and realistic. I focus on creating a safe and positive atmosphere for teens and families to feel comfortable sharing and achieving realistic goals. I educate and engage adolescents in order to put in the work to overcome individual issues such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, anger management, and behavioral challenges.


In a family, each individual holds an important role in creating the overall system, and when one part of that system is struggling, the whole family can feel off.  I work to create healthy family dynamics by using a strong collaborative approach and keeping parents involved throughout the process while maintaining your child's privacy.


My clinical experience includes providing counseling within school systems, Baker Act facilities, and within the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community which allows me to understand the complex system challenges faced by teens while advocating for the success in all environments. Offering both in-person and telehealth sessions in Florida, telehealth only for Nebraska residents.

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Black Lives Matter Ally
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High Functioning Anxiety


Teen Relationships & Break-Ups

Fluent in ASL & Supporting CODA

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