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Life was difficult before a global pandemic struck.  Working from home, home schooling, cautious trips out of the house - everything seems like such a CHORE! When support is needed but time is limited, telehealth is a great option.

You know a therapist can help, but the laundry list of obstacles comes to mind. Too far, no way to fit one more thing in, too scary exposing your family to risk.  We get it. Telehealth is available to all Florida & Nebraska residents using a HIPAA compliant video chat program.  Simple, easy to use and secure.

Services are available at times that are convenient to you from the safety of your own home. 

Want to test it out before committing? Simply schedule a free, 15 minute virtual meet and greet. We'll walk you through the process and chat in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Telehealth for?


Telehealth is a good fit for children, teens and adults dealing with a variety of concerns. Some goals of telehealth services are better communication, improving relationships, family cohesion, parenting techniques and anxiety management.  Many people are struggling with feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and a reduced capacity to weather these turbulent times. 



How does it work?

Telehealth is very similar to in person services.  We offer a free, 15 minute meet and greet to see if we are a good fit for each other.  Our secure app is sent via text and email to use. If you decide to work with us, an intake assessment is completed via telehealth.  Current and past issues, impediments and goals are discussed.  After that, services are scheduled at times that are convenient for you.  Therapy sessions typically last about 50 minutes or are broke up into two 25 minute sessions weekly.

How is it different than in person?

In many ways telehealth is not that different from in person services. We do know that some body language and cues may be missed from on-line services. Often the safety and availability of telehealth outweighs these points.  

But how are horses, art and play incorporated?

Each week we plan ahead for what activity we will do next session.  If art or play materials are scheduled, we will mail everything you need to you.  If we are working with horses, we have a few options. We can watch videos or look at pictures of our horses.  Our team can be live at the barn interacting and engaging with our four-legged co-therapists over telehealth. We know what your are thinking! How can seeing horses help? Imagine this, your job is to talk us through creating a relationship with the horse. You would have to be able to articulate what a relationship is, how to ask for a relationship and interpret the horse's interactions about how the relationship is going.  That's a lot to talk about. Maybe the horse turns and walks away. We bet that might stir up some thoughts, feelings and beliefs we can process.  You might be wondering how that would help a child or teen.  These activities highlight using your words, being kind, asking for help and creating a step-by-step plan.  We know many kids find those tasks very difficult. 

Can't you just fix my kids?

We get it! If only your kids had an off button.  Parents are noticing that their kids are acting out more and more, diving deeper into video games and ways to escape, finding unique and creative ways to get out of virtual school.  It seems like every minute you're putting out fires, but in-home therapy is an unacceptable risk at this time.  Parents are often frustrated by the increased stressors homeschooling while working from home have brought. Being able to intervene in the home, via telehealth, allows us to support and tweak your skills to the next level.  Let's face it, you were a great parent before.  COVID-19 did not change that - it just depleted your reserves and threw more at you than any parent could handle.  By working as a team, we will help the whole family make meaningful change and growth. You read more about family services in our blog Fix My Kid!

Do I have to schedule telehealth session?

Not at all! If it is safe for you and the people in your home to venture out, we are seeing clients at our barn.  Our outdoor setting allows for in person services to be provided with less risk.

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