Identify Areas of Growth
Sometimes we know things have to change - but what and how?  Together, we will explore your areas of growth.
Identify Areas of Growth
Try It Out
Change doesn't have to be scary.  By trying out new techniques, skills and responses in a safe, non-threatening environment you can practice towards mastery.
Try It Out
Grow Into Your New You
Learn to create change in your world through self-care, enhanced communication skills and limits.  Now that you have the skills, you can grow into your best self.
Grow Into Your New You

Family Therapy

You grew up dreaming about your future family, but now those dreams feel like nightmares.  You wake up every day wondering what happened to you family?  Why are things so hard? You feel like everyone else has the answers but you. You worry about your children's futures, wondering if they will be successful, happy and healthy. 

You fast-foreword your child's life and it worries you. What if they never learn the skills to be a good employee, good partner, good person?  You imagine what they would be like to have as a co-worker and don't like what you see.  You worry that they will never be able to stay on-task, finish assignments and be a good employee.  You wonder how they will be as a partner and fear that they will make bad choices or end up in a series of bad relationships.  

Everything you do to make their lives better seems to backfire. You set limits and consequences but no-one takes you seriously or it becomes so contentious you give up. You know that it is normal for kids to be annoying, frustrating and rude, but secretly you worry that your kids might be worse than everyone else's.  You worry that you may have failed them somehow.  You want to just quit.

What if things were different? What if dinner time, school and homework time were easier? What if you heard your child laugh more than scream or cry?


Imagine that your family had fun together.  Spent time with each other, not because they had to, but because they wanted to. Life would continue to have it's ups and downs, but they would feel easier, more manageable and overall less scary.

Family time can be joyful. Our goal is to build healthy patterns of family communication.  Skills that will translate to the rest of their lives. Together, we help to create healthy family time that will serve as a basis for future relationships. 

Many families come to Berger Counseling Services worried about their children's future. They are good parents, they care, but they are not effective. We help support caregivers in building healthy routines, limits and consequences.  Children and teens are supported through these changes, negotiating their new normal.  Each family comes with their own culture, values and beliefs.  Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we craft each intervention to align with that family's unique system.  Check out our Pandemic Parenting blogs to see how we can grow closer even during unprecedented times! Together a bright future can be built that is as special as your family.

Our goal is to teach our techniques to the family - we are around one hour a week, caregivers will be there for a lifetime! This approach of teaching allows the family to have the skills in their hands, not ours.  Our approach may feel magical, but we pull back the curtain to show the steps to build a healthy, lasting relationship.

We know change can be difficult, for adults and children, so we incorporate art, play, games, sandtray and horses into our services. Picture a caregiver giving instructions to a child on how to clean a horse's stall.  We bet that all of the caregiver's old patterns would come out during that exchange.  Maybe they start to lecture, cajole, bribe or become irritated with their child.  We will be there to help the family notice the old patterns, decide which new ones to try and support them through the discomfort of change.  We know that adults will be able to see a difference in their child during session, which gives them hope for their ability to try again at home or with schoolwork.

Let's meet for a complimentary 15 minute consultation. Together, we can decide if we are the right fit to help support your family.   Give us a call 561-866-3056

Families Can Benefit From...

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Play & Sandtray Therapy