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Your world was turned upside-down and now all you want to do is to move on...but you can't.  Nightmares, flashbacks and anxiety plague your days and nights.  It's unfair and you feel like your backed up against a wall with no where to go. 

You thought you'd be able to handle it on your own. That the memories and feelings would recede.  But you find yourself triggered by the weirdest thing - a smell, sound or touch.  You feel flooded by the images and sensations. It's awful and you just want it to stop.

Your brain knows you're not in danger - but it keeps replaying that moment over and over.  It's overwhelming and painful.  You can get away from danger, but how do you get away from your own mind?  The last thing you want to do is to think more about that moment and yet you just can't stop.

You know everyone around you is worried, but you don't know what to do. At first, everyone was there for you, now it feels like you are the only one still thinking about it.  They said they'd be there to help, but never seem to be available when you need them.  And the advice! Oh man, if you had a penny for all the ideas friend and family gave for "getting over it" you'd be rich. 

What if you could have your piece of mind back?  What if you could walk around without feeling like you're walking on eggshells every moment waiting to be triggered?  Where you can remember the event but without the up-welling of fear, anxiety and panic?  Therapy cannot take away those moments, but it can help soften the memories.

This is where we are supposed to tell you that we promise things will be better.  We can't. We know that moving through trauma is hard work.  But if you're ready to invest your time and energy, then we're here to help you with the heavy lifting. 


Before we ever start talking about trauma, we're going to make sure you have some handy tools to help ease your fears, panic and anxiety.  Then we're going to work with you to take some baby steps sharing your story. We'll agree at the start of the session on how much you want to handle that day and then we'll keep bringing those big feelings and thoughts down until they're manageable.  We also don't want to send you out of the door raw and upset, so we'll work on grounding you before you go. 


When you're ready, you'll share your story.  But here's the interesting may never actually share it out loud to us.  You might create art, use sandtray, engage in EMDR or work alongside our horses to express your story.  Our horses are also amazing listeners.  Sometimes we never know the depth of your story, but they do.  Don't worry, they keep your stories private!  Don't believe us? Here's Wendy explaining how trauma - either with a little t or big T relates to working with horses.





Growing through trauma is hard work. Together we can share the burden.  You've been holding on to it all by yourself, but maybe you don't need to.  Throughout that process we'll be your  cheer leader, someone who can root for you to succeed.  We've seen success and know it's possible.


At Berger Counseling Services, we offer a variety of best practice services that allow children, teens and adults to move through their trauma story into a post-traumatic growth journey.


Let's meet for a complimentary 15 minute consultation. Together, we can decide if we are the right fit to help support your family.   Give us a call 561-866-3056

"Horses have the original trauma brain as they live in a world of flight or fight. Being prey animals they are hypervigilant about what they, the herd, and the environment are expressing every moment. Similarly when we have experienced trauma we become triggered by a person and/or our environment causing the most primitive part of our brain to kick in to high gear causing us to fight, flee, freeze, and in some cases tend or befriend that which is triggering us. These automatic responses as not necessarily a “bad” thing especially when we are truly in danger, just like the horses, these reactions could save our lives. Getting our brains back online is one of the techniques we will practice in our time together, something called bottom-up regulation."

Trauma on the brain

Healing From Trauma Through...

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Art Therapy



Play & Sandtray Therapy

Play & Sandtray Therapy




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