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Keep experiencing - you deserve to grow.

Marla Berger, LMHC, ATR, RPT-S, EMDR Trained, Eagala Advanced Certified, Natural Lifemanship Trained, PATH Int'l Certified TRI (she/her)


My story begins when I was 16 and met my friend, John.  What struck me at the time was his openness in sharing about his mental health issues. He struggled with Bi-Polar Disorder, which made making good choices difficult for him.  He would frequently find himself in legal trouble during his manic phases.  We forged a quick bond around our love of art and expression. He had reserves of bravery that left me in awe. So it was particularly devastating when I received a phone call from his friend informing me that he had completed suicide.  I was in shock.  We were only 16. 

John showed me the value of telling the truth, even when it can feel painful. So I shared with friends and family about his life and death.  I quickly found that people were confused and upset when I would share openly about death, suicide and mental health issues.  While that could have stopped me in my tracks, I kept going despite the negative feedback. 

About six months after his death, someone mentioned the profession of Art Therapy.  It was instantaneous - I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I immediately sought out information on becoming a Registered Art Therapist.  I had found my vocation.

John's death was the first step on my journey.  He had taught me so much in the time I knew him and he continues to challenge me to uphold those aspects of himself that I found most dear - honesty, bravery and self-expression through experiences.  

By engaging in Experiential Therapies, we can see how old patterns, behaviors and reactions can be changed and improved with instant feedback in real time.


I specialize in helping clients with grief & loss, depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, adoption issues and gifted but struggling individuals.


I am a Registered Art Therapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Registered Play Therapist - Supervisor, EMDR Trained, PATH Int'l Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, Qualified Supervisor, Natural Lifemanship Trained and an Eagala Advanced Certified Professional.

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I started Berger Counseling Services in 2009 to provide innovative, transformative therapy in a unique setting. Experiential Therapies - Art Therapy, Sandtray Therapy, Play Therapy & Equine Assisted Services offer insight and change. 

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