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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I now we're a fit?

Did you read our mind?  We also want to make sure that we can work together effectively. Part of that is making sure that we feel comfortable with working on hard things together.  For that, we need a good relationship.  To learn more, check out our blog: Finding The ONE.

Can we just talk about my stuff?


Oh course! Traditional talk therapy is helpful to work on a variety of issues. We incorporate TF-CBT, CBT and DBT techniques into our talk therapy services. We also offer a wide range of experiential services in addition to traditional therapy techniques.  If you would like to learn more about what makes experiential therapies helpful, check out our blog.



I am terrible at art, so Art Therapy would not be a good fit. Right?

Actually no art experience is needed to benefit from Art Therapy.  Art Therapy is different than art class.  You will spend most of our time expressing ourselves with lines, shapes and colors that have meaning to you. We can process how you were able to use the materials to express a situation, experience or feeling.  If you would like to learn more check out our blog and our page.  

Play Therapy is not for grownups

Play is one of our most helpful ways to learn and grow. Even adults benefit from play!  We use games, toys and figures to work on building new patterns and relationships.  Let's face it, play is a great way to address difficult topics without feeling like it's work. 

Do I have to ride the horses?

We feel that building a relationships with horses is best created on the ground, so there is no riding component. 


If we're not riding what are we doing? 

When we are engaging in a relationship, there should have some give and take. But when we are riding, the power to dictate is entirely in our hands.  We are sure you can imagine what a human relationship would be like where a person is directing everything.  It might not feel like a relationship we would want to be in at all.  By working side by side with horses, we learn how to communicate our needs, accept responsibility for our actions and regulate our thoughts and feelings.  At Berger Counseling Services, we offer three different types of equine assisted services - Therapy, Horsemanship and Learning.  Each modality is geared towards working on specific topics.  To learn more, check out our page.

How do I get started?

We begin with a free, 15 minute meet and greet to see if we are a good fit for each other.  We can meet in person at our outdoor setting in Parkland or via telehealth through a secure app. If you decide to work with us, an intake assessment is completed.  Current and past issues, impediments and goals are discussed.  After that, services are scheduled at times that are convenient for you.  Therapy sessions typically last about 50 minutes. To schedule your free consultation click here.

My gifted kid is too smart for therapists

We get it! Gifted children and teens are a different breed.  They don't like being talked down to (who does?), but they also struggle tremendously with self esteem, motivation, sensory issues and achieving goals.  We have tons of intelligence, but truly what sets us apart is our ability to connect with gifted kids.  We might match them on geekiness, connect with them on introversion or sensory issues, share in their struggles with achievement.  Our stories may not match up exactly, but shared experience allows for gifted kids to connect and grow.  We also know that we don't need to go toe-to-toe in a gifted showdown to help them flourish! Check out our blog Too Smart For Their Own Good.

What if I'm ready to finish?

That's great! We strive to start the goodbye process from our first call. We know you have it in you to create your new life, we're just there to help you uncover them.  Once you have learned how to manage some of the slings and arrows that life throws at you, we transition down to less frequent sessions.  Our goal is to say goodbye as quickly as possible.

But what if I need to come back?

The door is always open for you to return.  Sometimes we need to start again with weekly therapy. Other times we might need to schedule a check-in or support session.  Whatever you need, we're there for you.

What's a support session?

We know that not everyone needs an intensive services such as therapy. With that in mind, we offer three types of support services - Family Support Sessions, Parenting Support Sessions and Help for Helpers Support Sessions. Learning to build trust and regulation during a pandemic can be difficult, check out our blogs on Pandemic Parenting for tips and insight.

Family Support Sessions are designed to help a family grow through a difficult patch in their lives.  It might be a recent change, loss or added stress that is affecting the health and well-being of the family unit.  We start by targeting a few small, manageable goals for services and determine the best modality to help provide a safe but challenging space to change.  We might work with horses, create art or engage in games to help build better communication and connection.

Parenting Support Sessions are targeted at adults who need more support in becoming the parent they always knew they could become.  Oftentimes stress, divorce, separation, loss can throw an adult off their A game.  We often have the skills, but when children's behaviors escalate, our stressed brain cannot react quickly enough - resulting in snapping, yelling, threatening and generally not being the parent you want to be.  Parenting support also helps to negotiate rules, consequences and general parenting decisions when adults are having a hard time talking with each other through divorce or separation. We help keep the conversation kind and polite - which allows the focus to stay on the well-being of the children. Interested in learning more, click here.


With COVID-19 putting added strain on our South Florida community, our First Responders, Health Care Professionals, Teachers and Mental Health Professionals have been stretched to the breaking point.  We are offering reduced rate   To learn more about why a session might be a good fit, click here. You can also read our blog: When You Literally Can't Even.

Can't you just fix my kids?

We get it! If only your kids had an off button.  Parents are noticing that their kids are acting out more and more, diving deeper into video games and ways to escape, finding unique and creative ways to get out of virtual school.  Let's face it, you were a great parent before.  COVID-19 did not change that - it just depleted your reserves and threw more at you than any parent could handle.  By working as a team, we will help the whole family make meaningful change and growth. To learn more about Family Therapy, check out our page and blog Fix My Kid!.

Do I have to meet outside?

We offer a secure, HIPAA compliant telehealth app for therapy sessions, as well as in person services. We can meet in the comfort of your home or office at your convenience. 

Do I have to schedule telehealth session?

Not at all! If it is safe for you and the people in your home to venture out, we are seeing clients at our barn.  Our outdoor setting allows for in person services to be provided with less risk.

Do you take insurance? 

We can provide paperwork for reimbursement however we are not on any insurance panels.  You can learn more by reading our blog, Finding The One.

Why Pick Experiential Therapies?

IMG_8895 copy.jpg

There never seems to be just the right time for therapy. Let's face it, spending money and time on ourselves does not always seem like the right choice.  Experiential Therapies allow change to occur quickly and efficiently.  We work from our first meet and greet towards  saying goodbye.


We know what you are thinking - why do we need a degree when the only line a therapist says is "How did you feel?" We use experiential therapies because you deserve an interesting, creative and non-cookie cutter approach to growth and change.


We keep our caseload small to ensure that you have our full attention.  Our clinicians are there for you in between sessions for support. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of training and accreditation.  Our clinicians regularly train others locally and nationally.

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