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About Alicia

Instead of talking - let's create, make and grow through art!

Alicia Ballestas, MA, ATR-BC  (she/her)


When I was 16 years old, my youngest brother was diagnosed with Autism. One of my favorite ways to spend time with my brothers was through making art together. I was determined to understand what autism was. I started my college degree in pre-med to become a pediatric neurologist. One day, wandering in the college’s bookstore after taking a difficult chemistry exam, I found a book about art therapy. It was the spark I needed to unite my passion for the arts and understanding the mind. My adventurous and playful personality took me to joining the Peace Corps as a Special Education Resource Specialist in Jordan. There I supported the community in seeing the potential that an individual has beyond their disabilities.


I am a bilingual Board-Certified Registered Art Therapist, graduate of Long Island University, C.W Post. over the years I have remained a passionate advocate for Art Therapy services. I have experience providing services to immigrants, foster families and in the public schools. I know that art can feel intimidating but when I bring out fun supplies that includes Legos and sensory mediums, people realize that EVERYONE can do art!


Berger Counseling Services is excited to have Alicia join our team in providing individual, family and group art therapy services at Berger Counseling Services.  Alicia has been at the forefront of helping to heal our communities following traumatic events. After the Parkland tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in 2018 and the Surfside building collapse in 2021, she worked tirelessly to serve the Parkland and Coral Springs community providing art therapy services. Her dedication did not end after the dust cleared, she has continued to attend memorials and serve the communities through therapeutic art making.  She is the former president of the Florida Art Therapy Association and currently an active member with governing affairs and organizing programs to increase art therapy’s presence in response to community trauma in the community.

Alicia incorporates the powers of art making with the fun of play, sensory work, trauma-informed care and her joy in creation.  She works with children, teens and adults dealing with medical, mental health, behavioral health, sensory and trauma issues.  Offering both in-person and telehealth sessions in English or Spanish in Florida.

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