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Parenting & Perinatal Mental Health


Parenting – it was supposed to be the a joy…but it feels more like an unpaid job with a terrible boss who is never happy.  We get it!  At Berger Counseling Services, we realize that parenting can be tough.  That’s why we help families who are struggling to create the life, family and relationships they deserve.  Our clinicians meet one on one with parents to help them understand how they can help parent their children without all the drama.  There's no one-size-fits-all approach!  Rather, we learn how you learned to be a parent, what your family values and cultural values are, then help you adapt that to suite your specific child and family situation.  Our ultimate goal is a family that works in harmony with each other - instead of feeling that your at the whim of a mini dictator. 


At Berger Counseling Services, we offer parenting consultations to help target goals and skills that you want to learn.  There's no cookie-cutter solutions, we work with you to learn how your family works, what makes you tic as a parent and build a specialized plan.  For some families we help them figure out the best way to manage explaining divorce, loss or substance use to children.  Others need information on age appropriate behaviors and how to build skills to scaffold children into emotional intelligence.  Our hope is to help you with the problem at hand and then say goodbye!  Learn more about how Marla, Jaci & Nadiya can help support parents through parenthood, call us to schedule a free, 15-minute meet and greet, 561-866-3056. 

Positive Discipline


The hospital sent you home with your bundle of joy, but they forgot to give you a manual!  Trying to figure out how to raise your child while navigating building their emotional intelligence, healing from your own trials growing up and ensuring that you don't create a future co-worker who is everyone's worst nightmare to work with is a challenge.  Let us help you navigate these decisions through the lens of Positive Discipline.  The Positive Discipline Model is based on Adlerian therapy which holds to five tenets:

  • Interactions help children feel a sense of belonging and connection

  • We are mutually respectful and encouraging

  • Is effective long-term, no short-term solutions that ultimate backfire

  • Teaches important social and life skills

  • Invites children to discover how capable they are


The Positive Discipline Model is interactive and experiential - no boring lectures! At Berger Counseling Services, our Positive Discipline Parenting Educator, Nadiya Boyce, works with parents and caregivers to build skills that help the entire family.  Each session is focused on building and using skills, with an emphasis on learning through doing.  Positive Discipline Education is not therapy - instead the focus is on skill acquisition and typically last four to six sessions. Learn more by reaching out to schedule a free 15-minute consultation, 561-866-3056.

Perinatal Mental Health

Check out our amazing Perinatal Mental Health Certified and Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Nadiya Boyce, on how she supports perinatal mental health:


Pregnancy… What an interesting time in our life! I'll never forget when I saw the word “positive” on my pregnancy test. I'll also never forget the anxiety I felt about all of the unknowns. Will this pregnancy last? Is the baby OK? I hope I don't have Covid (yes, my baby was a Covid-era baby!).

So many questions, and so many uncertainties while trying to manage unrelenting morning sickness and my roles as a counselor, mother, and wife. What helped me the most was to speak with a therapist who was certified in Perinatal Mental Health. I didn't fully realize this at the time, but I was dealing with severe anxiety throughout and after my pregnancy. Having someone who understood anxiety through the lens of pre- and post-partum mental health was essential to learning how to ground myself while balancing my varying roles in life as a mother, wife, and counselor.

What is perinatal mental health?

The Perinatal period refers to the period before and after delivery up to one year. Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders, also known as PMADS, can affect people from all walks of life. A number of mental health concerns associated with pregnancy. Prior mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc. can inform a mother or birthing person’s pregnancy and postpartum mental health. In fact, those who have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder before getting pregnant are likely to experience conditions like perinatal anxiety, perinatal depression, perinatal OCD, and psychosis.

How can I prevent or deal with my mental health concerns during pregnancy?

Having a certified Perinatal Mental Health Counseling practitioner to speak with can change the way you navigate the melange of symptoms related to pregnancy, traumatic pregnancy and birth experiences, and postpartum issues. When looking for a Perinatal Mental Health Counselor you can look for practitioners who are included in the Postpartum Support International directory, like I am.

Perinatal Mental Health Services at Berger Counseling Services

Whether this is your first pregnancy or you've had multiple pregnancies, it would be an honor to support you in helping process your joys, fears, and experiences related to pregnancy and pregnancy loss, the birthing experience, and postpartum experiences.

Please feel free to reach out to schedule your free, 15 minute meet and greet with Nadiya Boyce, Perinatal Mental Health Certified, at 561-866-3056.  Nadiya provides virtual services throughout Florida and has in-person sessions in Longwood.

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