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When words are not enough

Experience Change

We Help Children, Teens & Adults Grow Past Trauma & Change

Have you noticed how hard it can be to talk about difficult things? That you are tired of talking about the same thing over and over, but not feeling any better? Have you realized what you need to do to change, but never were able to make that a reality?

Let’s face it, working on difficult issues or dealing with traumatic experiences is HARD! It can be exhausting. It can feel less like growth and more like being stuck, spinning your wheels endlessly.

What makes Berger Counseling Services unique?

It can be a struggle to work on difficult issues, relationships and traumatic experiences.  People often dread going into a stuffy office to talk.  Therapy can often feel like work. At Berger Counseling Services, we have specialized training in utilizing experiential and trauma-focused services to help you create healthy, meaningful growth. Change can be tough, but it doesn't have to be.  When we move the therapy from talking to doing, we change and grow. No experience with horses, art or play needed.

Get To Know Us

Welcome to Berger Counseling Services! We appreciate you taking the time to learn about us and the services we offer.  Our team is here to help support you and your family.  We know that looking for a therapist can feel a bit cold and impersonal.  Throughout this website you'll see videos that will help you get to know us and the services we offer.  We've also added personal stories about how Art Therapy, Play Therapy and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy have changed our lives too!  We look forward to supporting you through these difficult times. Reach out today to get started with a free, 15 minute meet and greet - either in person at our outdoor setting, indoors in our art & play therapy office or via secure HIPAA compliant telehealth.  

Welcome to Berger Counseling Services
Meet Marla

Specialty Services

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Working alongside horses allows us to repair relationships, trauma and build new foundations of healthy communication and growth.

Discover How

Art Therapy

The act of creation allows us to take everything inside and put it out of our body in a safe, protective space.  Giving us the ability to see our journey with new eyes.

Discover How

Play Therapy

Play is the language we all understand. We learn and grow through expression of thoughts and ideas in a non-judgmental setting. We all play.

Discover How 

EMDR Therapy

When we are stuck in our trauma narrative, we need to be unblocked.  EMDR allows a safe, calming way to process our past and grow to a future.

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You've been through an experience you'd rather not re-live and yet your brain just won't stop replaying it. Healing is a process. Learn how to start your journey today.


Your child is so bright, gifted and extraordinary - but they struggle with living up to their potential.  Let us help nourish their minds and motivation.


Worry seems to follow you around - rearing it's ugly head at the worst possible moment. You're anxious about anxiety. Learn how you can calm your mind & heart.

Adoption Foster Care

You brought a child into your home to love and cherish. But it feels like you are hostage to their outbursts. Together we can untangle their trauma and grow as a family together.

Divorce & Separation

It was a difficult decision to end your relationship. Now the hardest part has begun - parenting while apart. Heal together and raise a happy family.


"Marla is AMAZING! She is kind, thoughtful, and welcoming. She is knowledgeable, and an absolute blessing. Everything she does is always in the best interests of the families she works with. She is very much about helping to solve problems and giving parents the tools they need to continue working with their kids. We LOVE Marla, and are actually sad that our journey with her is coming to an end."

                            ~ Mother of (Formerly) Explosive Child

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